is it safe to travel solo as a woman in Ghana


I am thinking of travelling to Ghana later in autumn or early December, and wonder if any ladies out there have travelled solo in Ghana…or any guys have come across solo female travellers?

Any hints tips, or places to visit in Ghana would be great too..


HelenSJ 12/05/13    Ghana Link Report

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Of course it is safe. Just like anywhere else reasonable common sense precautions and respectful dress/behaviour goes a long way to keeping you safe. Ghana is a fantastic country, i loved the beaches there like busua and dixcove (i think i spelled those right), and it is a fascinating country because you can almost see it changing right in front of you. The best thing about Ghana is the people, i found most of the ones i met wonderfully friendly and welcoming, and that is to bothmen and women, and yes i met a lot of solo female backpackers there. I hope you have a great time there, i know i have fond memories!

Michael Huxley 12/05/13    Link Report

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  • Hi there,
    Yes, Ghana is a very safe country to travel in, as the culture is very reserved and respectful, and people are generally kind and helpful.
    However, as a woman you would be wise, as when traveling anywhere, to understand some of the cultural attitudes here:
    -cover your legs in public, particularly the thighs, as the thighs are considered the most erotic part of the body. So try to avoid wearing shorts…
    -dress modestly in places of business, such as banks etc
    -recognise that men and women do most activities separately, so if you are ‘friendly’ with a man here, however innocent the interaction may be in your mind, the man may believe that you are inviting further intimacy. Try to socialise in groups, and with other females. Or socialise within a family setting, where it is quite clear that your main ‘friend’ is the female.
    -As a single woman traveling do not be surprised or offended by questions about ‘your husband’, ‘your children’, and generally questions seeking an explanation of why you are traveling alone
    -Do not be surprised or offended also by offers of marriage or relationships from men, as you can laugh these off, and seek the assistance of your host to filter out unwanted visitors. But you can avoid these approaches by not appearing to be ‘approachable’, or too friendly. A firm and confident attitude will help, as well as avoiding chatting to people who are not introduced to you by a guide or your host.
    But just relax and be yourself! Follow your safety antennae, and take the advice of your hosts as to places to visit, and times to visit.
    Staying in a place that provides an escort can also help you, by taking that stress away.

    Good luck, and have a great stay in Ghana!

    Legassi Gardens 17/09/13    Link Report

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    Yes Ghana is safe – I once asked a driver if there were any No-go areas in Accra like there are say in the UK, the answer was no and my experience confirms this.
    For anybody who does not know anything about Ghana see my web which has pages on places I have been to and there is some facts and advice on Malaria etc

    Andrew Brookes 24/05/14    Link Report

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