Is a cruise a good way to use your holiday time?

I’ll keep it simple:

Cruises – easy and convenient way to explore multiple regions, or lazy tourism?

Tim Chester 20/06/13    General travel chatworld Link Report

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If we are talking about the tour group sheep herders and floating quarantine chambers, I’m jumping straight in the lazy tourism camp.

Of course there are exceptions such as slow cruising down the Nile on the deck of a traditional felucca, they are EXPERIENCES! And damn good ones.

But overall Id rather see the destinations i want to visit in more depth rather than watch elderly couples ballroom dance and be herded round a port stop on a limited timeframe.

Not that I have strong views on the subject! ;-)

Michael Huxley 20/06/13    Link Report

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  • Tim,
    I use to think that crusing was for seniors or parents with kids that they needed babysat. I changed my mind a few years ago when I took a 14 day cruise from Barcelona to Italy, Greece, and Turkey. It was actually fun and we met some great people who we still keep in contact with. We chose independent shore excursions except for Ephesus (sp) in Turkey. Glad we did. The room was great with a balcony, food was pretty good, entertainment was ok, but the highlight was just sitting on balcony at sunset and in the morning for sunrise on the ocean. We even had excitement when he Captain gunned the ship at dinner time (we were in the rear of the boat) as a major flood was about to hit Istanbul. It was a memorable moment as we all looked at each other thinking we were aboard the Titanic. The pools emptied, glasses fell to the floor and it was one rocky dinner.

    I will say while we enjoyed it, we have not been on one since. Why? It was expensive! We can take 4-5 trips for the same price. So that’s my 2 cents

    Time of my life 20/06/13    Link Report

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