Indian Visa while on the Gap year road

Hello there, I am a Canadian citizen and resident and also a British citizen. I am taking a year off from work to travel around the globe from Vancouver to Vancouver. India is about half way. So I have looked into getting an Indian visa before I leave home in Canada, but it is only valid for six months, the way I understand it. Problem is that while I will make it to India within the six months, I want to stay a couple and the visa isn’t long enough.
Question is: Can I get an Indian visa on my travels rather than getting one before I leave home in Vancouver so that I don’t have to rush to get to India and have lots of time to spend once I enter?
I will likely be in Tel Aviv and Amman before entering India. So if there is a way for a Canadian to get a visa in Israel or Jordon on the way, that would be great. Thanks S.

madhatter 01/06/14    Link Report

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Hi there

India has recently implemented a visa on arrival system whereby you can pay for and obtain the visa at most major airports when you land. This visa only lasts for 30 days but it may be possible to do a ‘visa run’ where you exit the country and re enter and obtain another visa (this is something you’d need to check with the consulate though).

I’d suggest you email or call the Indian embassies/consulates in Tel Aviv or Amman before you go to find out if you can purchase visas there. I’d imagine it’s possible, but can’t guarantee! Check their websites or drop them an email is my best advice!

Lottie Gross 11/06/14    Link Report

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  • *India has recently implemented a visa on arrival system*

    Wrong answers are worse than no answers. No VOA for Canadians as of this post. Maybe a few months, don’t hold your breath. It will still only be good for 30 days and for arrival at only certain airports.

    Best bets, Kathmandu or Bangkok with, if you’re very clever arranging a believable itinerary, a 6 month, otherwise, 3 months is the rule outside your home country these days.

    PirateAt50 12/06/14    Link Report

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  • Hi there,

    I know it’s a while since your post, but I thought it might be useful for you to know that a visa application doesn’t need to be made in person. VFS global says that you can submit an application on your family / friend / colleague’s behalf “as long as you have all the requisite documents and signed application forms.” Might be a bit stressful, but if you can find no way of doing it yourself perhaps this is an option!

    Rebecca Hallett 19/06/14    Link Report

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