How to keep children entertained while travelling?

I don’t have kids, but the prospect of taking children (whether they’re mine or not) on a holiday with long drives, plane journeys or buses and trains, makes me shudder!

How on earth do you keep them entertained (and quiet)?! Audiobooks in the car? I remember playing travel Connect 4 in the car but it always made me feel sick.

Please share your tips on how you keep the kids entertained on a long journey.

Lottie Gross 20/09/13    Travelling with children Link Report

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There are loads of things to keep them occupied…my top tip is food!! Loads of takes-ages-to-eat snacks like raisins and dried apricots!

A pack of crayons and paper can also go a long way.

My best tip is to pace activities….snack time followed by colouring, dot-to-dot, drawing, reading, stickers etc. Anything to get them to use their imagination and take their minds off sitting still.

I think in general the more chilled you are, the more chilled they will be…although this is sometimes easier said than done! Here’s my post on surviving long haul flights with children:

globalmouse 20/09/13    Link Report

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  • Dang, and here I was thinking of rope, velcro and zip ties. Guess I was off the mark ;)

    PirateAt50 21/09/13    Link Report

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  • I had a 5 hour road trip with 4 kids (3, 5, 8 and 10 in age) and 5 adults the kids parents, me and my partner and a nanny.

    We packed a lot of food to start with – chips, pretzels, sandwiches with tetra pack juices that are kept in a cooler.

    The 3 y/o is really a handful as she gets easily bored and had tantrums during the entire road trip. As for the other kids, they enjoyed eating and playing games.

    Interactive games like for example the first one who can spot 10 yellow cars during the trip wins and such. They do not like playing with gadgets or portable video games as they easily get dizzy so we go for food instead to keep them occupied.

    travelchick 23/09/13    Link Report

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