How to improve map quality in e-reader

I have a Rough Guide to Andalucia, Kindle version I am reading on a Nexus tablet. The maps are very poor quality – I cannot read the writing of street names. Is there a way to get readable maps?

Jenn 10/04/13    Getting around Link Report

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Sorry to hear you’ve had difficulties with the map legibility on the Rough Guide to Andalucia. Firstly, can I just check that it’s the 2012 edition?

We’re constantly reviewing our ebooks and working to improve them in line with the latest software and hardware developments. You’ll find our more recent ebooks, such as The Rough Guide to France, have clearer maps than earlier guides. As each guide comes round to be updated, it will benefit from the latest improvements – things are changing all the time. There are limitations though – naturally our full-colour guides work best on larger screen colour devices with a tap and zoom function, and we’re not able to test on every single device on the market.

The latest Kindle software allows you to zoom in on maps and select different scales. This applies to Android apps too. We can let you know when an improved edition of Andalucia is available – please send an email with your details to [email protected]

Monica Woods 17/04/13    Link Report

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