How much spending money to take to Mykonos, Greece?

I’m going to Mykonos for a week this October. We will have paid for the hotel and flights in advance but how much money do you recommend that we take for meals (lunch and dinner)/days out/travel for the week?

We would like to visit the main attractions but are keen not to spend a fortune. Eating-wise we would like to go to restaurants in the evening but probably mid-range not really expensive.

I’m not sure how expensive things are out there so it would be great if anyone who has been to Mykonos could give me any advice?

Georgia Deane 23/07/13    MoneyGreece Link Report

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Hi Georgia! Sorry no one got to answer your question before you left for Greece. I do have the same doubt and will be there for a week in May. How much did you end up spending? Thank you!!!

Bianca Hoffmann 14/01/14    Link Report

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