How much spending money to take to Athens?

I’m going to Athens for 2 days this October. We will have paid for the hotel and flights in advance but how much money do you recommend that we take for meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)/tourist attractions/travel for the 2 days?

We would like to visit the main attractions but are keen not to spend a fortune. Eating-wise we would like to go to restaurants in the evening but probably mid-range not really expensive.

Would anyone who has been to Athens be able to give me any advice?

Georgia Deane 23/07/13    MoneyAthensGreece Link Report

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I went to Athens for 5 days last September and managed to live on about €50 a day – we saw the Acropolis and ate 3 meals a day on that budget (and drank plenty of local wine!).

If you want to keep food spending to a minimum, there are tonnes of bakeries (sorry I can’t remember any names!) that do good baguettes and pastries for about €3 each and you can sit outside some of them (good for breakfast and lunch).

And if you don’t mind the walk – it’s only about 10 mins out of the centre – the food in Omonia is significantly cheaper than many of the places in town (although this is probably because the area isn’t the nicest or safest at night).

Hope that helps – and enjoy your trip!

Lottie Gross 23/07/13    Link Report

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  • Athens is pretty cheap, especially when compared to other capitals of Europe. It depends on your style I suppose but you can get amazing gyros for 4-6 euros. But, even a nice dinner with drinks won’t set you back more than, say 20 euros.

    Lottie is totally right about the bakeries- I highly suggest them for breakfast and lunch, they are super cheap and amazingly delicious!! You can get a huge pastry and a cappuccino freddo for 2 euros! and a sandwich for 3 euros.

    All the museums are really cheap too. 2-3 euros for the less popular ones. I think the most we paid was to the Acropolis Museum which was 7 euros and the Acropolis admission (which includes like 6 monuments) was 12 euros.

    All in all, Athens is great, super bloody hot so you mostly need water, sunscreen and a hat but you definately get some good bang for your buck.

    Mykonos, however, (I saw your other post), much more expensive! For Mykonos and Santorini, I’d double your expected budget. Those islands live on tourism.

    kakiq 28/07/13    Link Report

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