How much does food influence where you travel?

Food and travel are two of my favourite things in life! I’ve fallen in love with various countries (namely India, but there are others too), and I’ve noticed that the one factor that links them all is the fact that I adore the food.

Recently, I’ve found myself planning trips according to which cuisine I want to try next and it got me thinking, how many other people do this? Does food influence where you travel at all?

Lottie Gross 31/03/14    General travel chatAsiaIndia Link Report

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I love planning trips to new places with excellent cuisines, but I don’t think if a country had a bad culinary reputation it would really put me off, so long as there were other reasons to go. On the other hand, if somewhere is well-known for its delicious food, it can definitely make me give it more consideration! One of may favourite surprises was Malta – it’s not especially noted for its cuisine, but pastizzi and a wonderful fruit market won me over pretty quickly!

Rebecca Hallett 31/03/14    Link Report

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  • Discovering a yummy new delicacy always adds to the enjoyment of a trip. But it also makes coming back home even more difficult. You start to wonder if you’ll ever get to try those foods again!

    Emma Holifield 31/03/14    Link Report

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    I’d say it’s the singlemost important factor in deciding my holiday destination. (I can count on the fingers of one hand foods I’ve tried and did not like!)
    There are parts of Europe I’ve considered visiting but ultimately overlooked in favour of more ostensibly palate-pleasing places. That’s not to say I’ve never been pleasantly surprised, disappointed or simply confounded by what’s turned up on menus and my plate, but I’d definitely have visited the many non-culinary delights of Greece before, were it not for my dislike of dolmades, and on a related note, the eye-watering cost of eating out in Scandinavia has kiboshed more trips to those beautiful countries.
    Italy has never disappointed me, neither Spain (both for the bold flavours, freshness and simplicity), nor the USA (for the sheer melting-pot variety available and the warmth and pride with which food is invariably served up).

    Ed Wright 31/03/14    Link Report

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