How long in Singapore?

Hi, I am planning to go to Singapore at the end of my extended trip through Thailand and Malaysia, I was originally roughly planning on a few days, but have heard that is too much time off some people?

Is that right? Is a few days really too much? I want to visit the zoo, pamper myself a little and do a little shopping. Basically give myself some luxury before I have to fly back home and back to the job :(

What do you think?

Stephanie L 08/04/13    Singapore Link Report

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Hi Stephanie,

Singapore deserves at least a few days so I’d ignore that advice! If you need some inspiration check out our things not to miss:

As well as the key cultural sights there are plenty of opportunities to pamper yourself (you’ll find lots of places offering reflexology and chinese massage in the malls off Orchard Road). A lovely spot for brunch is

have a great trip…

Andy Turner 08/04/13    Link Report

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  • Many people do say a few days is more than enough time in Singapore, but I don’t agree with them at all. Singapore is a fantastic place with MORE than enough to keep you occupied for twice that at least. There is so much to love about the place if you scratch beneath the surface.

    The only thing that stops me staying longer in Singapore quite often is the price, it is an expensive city by SE Asia standards so sooner or later I have to move on to continue my travels before my budget is blown, but I always wish I could stay just a little longer! If you can afford it and have the time at the end of your trip then I would recommend 5 days if you have never been before. This will allow you to relax, pamper yourself and see what you want to see whilst keeping costs reasonable.

    The zoo is well worth a visit, it is simply one of the best zoos in the world. Allocate a full day for it though, it is quite large and well worth exploring fully. Take a bit of time to learn about their conservation effforts, it is really interesting and can add an extra dimension to your visit.

    There is also the night safari which is excellent (right next door to the zoo) and thouroughly recommended! You can get a combined ticket which will save you money but you don’t have to use them on the same day. I wouldn’t recommend doing that either, save it for another evening or you will be too tired.

    The new river safari opened at the beginning of this month (April), I haven’t been on it yet so can’t comment on it personally but if the zoo and the night safari are anything to go by this will be amazing! It is only on soft opening at the moment, which means about 60 – 70% open. The rest is due to come later in the year.

    So if you do all of them, that’s two days and one evening taken up already!

    As for shopping, that can easily take up a full day. Singapore is on par with New York, London or Paris for shopping! You can’t miss Orchard road, which is a long stretch full of large and small shopping malls, high end boutiques and more. It is Singapores famous shopping street. Other than that Suntec City is a great mall too or the mall at Marina bay sands has all the high end shops and boutiques in too (which if memory serves has a canal inside it that you can get a boat ride up and down to various parts of the mall), yes it is that big!

    So assuming you take up just ONE day doing all that, (or two if you also include the day you want to head to the night safari in the evening) then you have taken up 4 days.

    As for pampering yourself, I’m afraid that isn’t my specialty, but I do know Singaporeans take health and wellness VERY seriously! Massage places, spas, high end hairdressers etc are everywhere. I’m sure you won’t have any trouble at all finding any.

    And what about some simple sightseeing? Marina bay sands, the Merlion etc etc etc. There’s another day.

    5 days already!

    Trust me, Singapore is an amazing place and will be an excellent end to your trip! So allocate a few days at least there and really enjoy it!

    I hope you have a great time on your trip, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore are three of my favourite places! I wish I was back there myself!

    Michael Huxley 08/04/13    Link Report

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  • HI Stephanie

    As well as the top tips from Michael above, depending on your interests you may also be interested in some of the following experiences in Singapore:

    – The botanical gardens, at least half a day to explore the recently extended prehistoric exhibition and the world class orchid garden
    – Gardens by the bay, as well as extensive gardens, this houses two domes which recreate floral environments in alpine and meadow conditions and with some lovely restaurants

    The great outdoors:
    – Bukit Timah and Macritchie reservoir reserves – jungle trekking and canopy walks just a few miles from the CBD. We regularly see large monitor lizards here and there are lots of monkeys
    – Cycling on Pilau Ubin – a 5 minute boat ride off the east coast of Singapore, bmx tracks around an original and living Kampong
    – Sailing – Keppel marina has many day trips if you are interested in a boat tour around Singapore

    Singapore is famous for the Sunday brunch and there are excellent examples at Raffles, Capella on Sentosa, the Ritz Carlton and the Shangri La

    Adult playgrounds:
    – Sentosa has Universal Studios, a water park, sea life centre and a casino
    – Marina Bay sands has a huge casino

    Each of the above would add another day to your trip!


    Jennifer Schilling 08/04/13    Link Report

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  • Jennifer, all this is just making me really wish I was back in Singapore!

    Michael Huxley 08/04/13    Link Report

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  • :)
    It’s not bad here is it!!

    Jennifer Schilling 09/04/13    Link Report

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  • Its one of my favourite places in the world without doubt!

    Michael Huxley 09/04/13    Link Report

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  • Wow thank you so much Michael and Jennifer! You have convinced me! Planning for about 5 days now!

    Stephanie L 10/04/13    Link Report

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