How hot is the hot season in Southeast Asia?

I’m planning to travel to Southeast Asia in March or April and stay until June but I wanted to know what the weather is like, if it is really oppressive of it is manageable and what tips do you have to keep coolish? Thanks all in advance.

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I live in Bangkok and it’s alway’s warm here, but everything is relative to what you are use to. Arriving in March it’s just starting to get hot, about 34 C daytime and 28 C nights. As you move each month toward June it will get a bit warmer, but it’s the humidity that will increase significantly. So we vary from 32-36 C in the months you will be here and you will get use to it. Get use to sweating!!

It is cooler in Chiang Mai in the north by at least a few degrees and night times are really much cooler.

Go out at night when everyone else is out and go out early morning. If you are going to be by the beach, you will be cooler with the breezes and just having a pair of shorts on will take care of it. You can leave the jean’s and long pants home, unless you are in area where there are mosquito’s. Just come and enjoy the Land of Smiles and forget the heat (maybe)!

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  • April is the hottest month in Cambodia, Myammar, Thailand, Laos. You must focus on the mountains if you want a bit of freshness. So from March to June, you can go in northern Laos, I went in May and the heat was tolerable in northern Thailand like Chiang Mai.

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  • I live in Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand and in mid April it gets really smoky as people burn back the fields and the forests for the new growing season. This is worse than the heat if you ask me although by June there will be rain so the smoke will be gone.

    In the hot season I try to head out of the city to places where there is water as it feels cooler. Also going out early when it is still cool-ish from the night is good.

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  • Don’t forget the arrival of the SW monsoon, usually about mid May but can be earlier or later, it varies every year. This usually brings a few weeks of non-stop rain and it’s really hard keeping everything from becoming damp and smelly, as nothing gets a chance to dry out properly. Air-conditioning is the only way out of that – even if only for a night or two to get the laundry done and dried!

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