How did your friends and family members react when you told them you were off backpacking or going on a RTW trip?

It isn’t always a popular decision with everyone right? Especially if you have an overprotective parent! Some people will be jealous, others happy for you, others may not even care less.

What were all your experiences of your loved ones reactions when you decided to go travelling?

Michael Huxley 04/06/13    Gap year Link Report

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I took my ‘Gap’ Year in my 40’s, so expected my children would have something to say! The reaction from my boss, friends and family was fantastic. Truly supportive! They said things like ‘Go girl!’ ‘Live the dream’ and my dad, he said the loveliest line of all – he dropped me at the airport as I went to join the small sailing boat I planned to sail on. He wrapped his arms around me, like I was only a teenager and said “You’re a brave woman, good on you. Go out and live your life. I love you.’

The children (not children really) were magnificent, proud and supportive.

On the other hand, I heard whispers in the supermarket that I must be having a bit of a mental breakdown – a mid-life crisis. It made me laugh.


Farawayvisions 07/06/13    Link Report

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  • Nice Meraid! It’s good to hear you got so much support! I wasn’t so lucky myself, some people were supportive but mostly it was very dismissive.

    Michael Huxley 10/06/13    Link Report

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  • I went to Australia for a year in 2009 via S.E.A. Yeah all good support from friends and family, some of my friends were envious they were not going with me. My mother on the day I left Ireland was very upset which in turn set me off. I became a little overwhelmed by the fact I wouldn’t be seeing family and friends for at least a year so the day I left was an emotional experience but a good one, and Skype, Facebook etc. makes the world a little bit smaller :)

    aidoc 12/06/13    Link Report

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