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Hi – I’m looking at going to East Africa to do a horse riding safari but I don’t want to book through one of these big online agencies and would rather organise my own.
So I will book a flight and then organise a safari once I get there and I’d like to know:
1 – are there many safari agents who would organise horse safari or is it quite rare?
2 – which country would be best to go to to so this kind of safari?
3 – where would it be the cheapest?
4 – how long would it be needed just for the safari? as I would like to have a few days on the beach before flying back
5 – when is the best time to travel to East Africa?
Hope someone will have advice for me as I can’t find any info on that subject.

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Hi Linda,

You should know that horses are rare and not a common means of transport in the East Africa region especially in my home country Tanzania. With this said horse back safaris could be more expensive compared to the traditional jeep safaris. A few local Tanzanian agents organise such safaris; here is a link to a locally owned horse riding safari operator in Tanzania

East Africa is an all year round kind of destination. It depends on your interest. The world famous Wildebeest migrations can be seen in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park from December to mid July with the climax being the calving season sometime in February and in Kenya’s Maasai Mara game reserve from mid July to November with the climax being the river crossings sometime in August; other wildlife safaris are best in the dry season where animals congregate to water holes and the grass plains are short allowing visibility for example in Tarangire National Park; the Indian ocean coast which consists of hotspots like Zanzibar, Lamu, Pangani and Mafia, is good year round except for the rainy season of April to May (Tanzania). If you are an adventure enthusiast Kilimanjaro is a welcoming challenge and the best time to hike it is in January – March / June – October also Uganda offers some good white water rafting tours and gorilla trekking expeditions.

All the best visiting East Africa. It’s a special destination.


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  • Thanks Edward for you reply, and for the link, it’s very useful. Best, Linda

    LindaGo 04/02/13    Link Report

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  • Hi Linda,
    If you are still interested in horse riding, please visit lake mburo in Uganda. You can contact and the safari will be arranged based on your pocket

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  • Top 5 places to see lions in the wild:

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