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We are considering an independent hiking trip sponsored by Friends of Czech Greenways. The trip is from Vienna to Prague: they move our luggage every night, book hotels, provide maps and some transportation between trail heads. I have not seen any reviews of this company and would like some feed back about them. Thank you

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I’m afraid I can’t help you with reviews of that company but here are some thoughts on hiking in Austria and the Czech Republic.

As for Austria, take your pick. The area around Bad Gastein is fantastic – open from May to October, the 2246m Stubnerkogel mountain trail gives some amazing views. Ask at the tourist office about other routes (and guides, if you want one). But Innsbruck is the highlight – a good starting point is the Nordpark, on the slopes of the Nordkette range. From June to September, the town’s tourist office runs an extensive programme of free guided walks, including sunrise and night-time hikes.

In the Czech Republic, the pine forests around western Bohemia’s Karlovy Vary (known as Carlsbad in English) are great for hiking if you’re not that bothered about going with an operator – there are plenty of well-marked trails in those parts. One of the most popular routes goes from Grand Hotel Pupp to a viewing tower and hilltop restaurant Diana, about 1.5km away. There’s also a funicular plying the same route, although note that it’s closed in January (should you be planning way way ahead!).

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