Help me plan my Malaysia trip

I am going to be in Singapore next Wednesday and have 12 days to tour around Malaysia.
Reading through different guides and according to my interests I have decided to do the following:

– 1 D in KL
– 2 D in Penang
– 4 D in Perhenthian
– 2 D in Taman Negara
– 1 D in Bintan

Now, I have a couple of questions for you guys:

– Does this order make sense or should I re-arrange it?
– What is the suggested mean of transportation between those places?

Feel free also to comment on the itinerary, add interesting things to see / eat on the way. Any tip is highly appreciated as I am new to this region.

Thanks guys and looking forward to your comments

luca 06/08/14    Asia Link Report

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I just recently came back from malaysia, it was an amazing experience, getting out of singapore is the most expensive part i think you’ll find, after you finish in KL and head for penang i recommend taking the coach its a 4-5hr travel but definitely the cheapest way , i believe i found my ticket for 36RM on the day, very easy to find coaches there.. When your there i highly recommend the national park in the top corner of the island, beautiful jungle (not to be compared with taman negara obviously but still nice) and the beaches are nice and relaxing also, then go into old georgetown very historic and some nice places to visit there.. As you set off again i would reccommend coaches again as they are the cheapest ways of travelling, i would possibly go taman negara before pehenthians but that is your choice as im not to sure where bintan is, Good luck with your travels and enjoy my friend.


franny371 06/08/14    Link Report

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  • I’d agree – Taman Negara before the Perhentians might be better (it would be nice to end a jungle trek with a relaxing few days on the islands).

    Taman Negara is amazing so I’d advise spending a little more time there than two days – I had three nights there and spent a good couple of days trekking to the bat caves and viewpoints. It’s stunning so well worth the time. You can hire a local guide, but we chose to follow the well-marked paths to save on money.

    I’ve never been to KL or Bintan but Penang was one of my favourite places in Malaysia so enjoy – the food is fantastic. Check out this feature by one of our writers on the street food and art in George Town:

    Lottie Gross 07/08/14    Link Report

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  • Thanks guys! I’ll do Taman Negara before Perhenthians then. A couple of more questions:
    – Where to stay when in the Teman Negara?
    – Has anyone ever taken the ‘jungle railway’ ? Is it worth and does it fit in my plan?

    @Lottie: feel free to share your favorite addresses for food in Penang if you have saved them!


    luca 07/08/14    Link Report

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    I cannot for the life of me remember where we stayed in Taman Negara, but there are loads of hotels and hostels so you’ll have no problem finding somewhere to sleep! I think there’s a hostel with the world ‘rainbow’ in the name which is most popular, but it was booked up when we got there. Lots of cheap accommodation options though (our hotel was bright pink and was on the main street outside the rainforest).

    would wholeheartedly recommend the jungle railway – it was my absolute favourite part of my Malaysia trip! Meeting the locals on the train and stopping off in all these tiny towns and villages along the way was great fun and the scenery is amazing. We used seat61 to help us find times and prices etc – great way to see Malaysia!

    Lottie Gross 07/08/14    Link Report

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