Halong Bay Junk Boat

Any recommendations for a junk cruise around Halong Bay?

Xxemma1xX 02/05/14    Vietnam Link Report

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Hi there,

I did a Halong Bay trip a couple of years ago. It’s worth choosing your tour company carefully as when I was in Hanoi there were a number of rumours about fake agencies so be careful if a tour seems too good to be true! This is especially the case with Halong bay as tours can be cancelled due to weather conditions so it’s worth going with a good company. There are lots of good agencies to choose between but personally I would recommend Handspan. We used them for a two night kayaking trip (one night on the boat, one night at a hotel on an island). The kayaking was fantastic as you get to see so much more of the area (you can go through caves into hidden lagoons that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access), and the food on the boat was great (especially if you like seafood!). If you find yourself with more time in the north, we also booked a four day trek with Handspan in Sapa, which was also really good.

Hope this helps and have a great trip!

Olivia Rawes 02/05/14    Link Report

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