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I am organising a stag weekend in Hamburg for July (26th to 28th) and I am looking on advice on where is good to go out in a large group of guys. Somewhere with good atmosphere and is tolerant of large groups of (well behaved) guys.

Secondly are there any suggestions for things we can do during the Saturday and potentially on the Sunday during the day. I would like to see some of the city rather than sit in a bar all weekend!

Also we are looking for a self catered flat near such an area or at least not too far away that would be able so sleep around 15 guys (perhaps over 2 apartments or similar). Does anyone have any suggestions?



Matt 04/03/13    NightlifeGermany Link Report

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Unsurprisingly I’m not so familiar with stag parties, but Hamburg’s a great city – lots of good bars and clubs, and a really easygoing feel.

I’d probably suggest the Schanzenviertel area (nearest U-Bahn stations Sternschanze or Feldstrasse) to the west of the centre, which is fun, with a slightly scruffy and studenty feel and with lots of late-night bars and cheap restaurants. To the south of here is St-Pauli, the port and the infamous Reeperbahn. St Pauli could be good too, with some good clubs and live music venues – Grosse Freiheit 36, where the Beatles played, is still there – though definitely seedier, and you won’t be the only stag party there.

In summer St Pauli will boast a few “Stadtstrand” city beach bars – pop-up summer bars decked out with sand and beach furniture with views of the port. Quintessentially Hamburg, and definitely worth checking out if the weather’s good (unfortunately not guaranteed, be prepared for rain). There’s one called StrandPauli, and others nearby.

As for things to do, maybe get on the water – either a boat tour around the harbour, or possibly renting boats on the Aussenalster lake, which is to the northeast of the centre. The old warehouse area (the Speicherstadt) and new dock development (Hafencity) are both good areas for a wander.

One final thing, it is a big city – bigger than many European capitals – so it’s worth using the U-Bahn, or renting bikes is an option, as it’s not all walking distance.

And now you’ve made me want to go back…though maybe not for a stag do.

Alice Park 04/03/13    Link Report

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  • Hiya Matt,

    having to organise a stag party myself I sure know it can turn out to be quite time consuming.
    So to save yourself time: here a few recommendations from me as local:
    Visit the local brewery of “Ratsherren”- this is a micro-brewery with an adjoining crafted beer shop. A beer lovers heaven ;-); rent yourself a canoe or similar on the alster lake; rent yourself a bike and explore the port area by bike- great on a sunday (maybe not so with a too large a group though); Or try this: and finally popular with German stags is the beerbike tour:
    but you better make up your mind fast: City considers to ban these things. And be prepared for annoyed looks by some locals…Accommodation: Sorry cant help with that really but try some one the hostels or airbnb

    flohh 09/04/14    Link Report

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