Good Hotel near Hyde Park?

Can anyone suggest a good hotel near Hyde Park? Preferably close to Paddington. Can be old and historic or hip and new – I just want it to be memorable…

A.R. Swan 08/01/13    AccommodationUnited Kingdom Link Report

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Lots of terrible places in that area!
The following are all pretty inexpensive for London, and recommended in the Rough Guide to the Best Places to Stay in Britain on a Budget.

Caring Hotel – near Paddington, clean, good value, nice location.
Lincoln House – nearer Marylebone/Marble Arch. Characterful, but variable. Check what kind of room you’re getting.
Portobello Gold – Notting Hill area. A backpackery, funky option, on Portobello Road. The rooms are simple, and have seen better days, but has a lively bar/restaurant downstairs.


Sam Cook 20/01/13    Link Report

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