Gifts or not?

We are travelling to Vietnam and Sapa
In particular , should we consider taking gifts for people we meet
and for those we choose to photograph .
If so any suggestion,s


Maurice 31/08/14    CultureAsia Link Report

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It’s a really tough decision because Vietnam is such a huge tourist destination and with that comes the associated problems. When you hike you’re likely to be asked for sweets and chocolate by children along the route. Personally I decided not to give sugary gifts as it just didn’t feel right (and the wrappers etc are likely to end up on the path!). Pens and coloured pencils are a good alternative. Or often the best thing is to donate gifts or money to local schools.

As far as photographs go, obviously always ask first, and respect their decision if they say no. It seems a bit patronising giving gifts to adults, but sometimes they are really interested in where you are from, so postcards from your home are cool. In India people I met along the way loved seeing photos of my family that I carried with me.

Rachel Mills 09/09/14    Link Report

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  • Many thanks Rachel. You have given us some good ideas ,
    This will be very useful

    Maurice 11/09/14    Link Report

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