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My mom and I are planning a trip to the Netherlands (and Europe) and she is not wanting to drive in Amsterdam (understandably!). Can anyone recommend the best way to get into the city, and where from? We would love to spend at least five days in the city, while having a secure place to park the car. So we’re thinking about getting hotel outside the city center and taking a rail or bus into the city, but I am looking for advice on where or how to do that. Any suggestions would be great! Thank you!

Amber Erlandson 21/04/14    Getting there Link Report

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Hi Amber, how about Haarlem? It’s only about fifteen minutes away from Amsterdam on the train and in our most recent book about the country (2013’s The Rough Guide to the Netherlands) the authors rave about it, talking about the town’s laid-back atmosphere and its outstanding Frans Hals Museum. Apart from its proximity to Amsterdam, Haarlem also makes a good base for exploring the southern part of Noord-Holland province and the nearby coast too – if you’re going to have a hire car then sounds like this place is perfect? The guide has all the practical info you’d need regarding train times etc, plus all sorts of other recommendations.
Hope that helps.

Neil McQuillian 24/04/14    Link Report

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  • Amsterdam parking fees are outrageous, so look for a hotel with parking on the premises (which will not come cheap close to the centre). If you have a rental car see if the company will let you park at their Amsterdam airport car park for free. Or just book the hotel you want and leave your car at one of the guarded P+R car parks at a train station near the edge of town for just €8 for the first day plus €1 for every following day, with a maximum of 4 days. Then get the €5 public transport ticket that gets you both to your city centre hotel, and back again at the end of your stay. See for all the details.

    Jeroen van Marle 03/05/14    Link Report

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    Best is to park the car at Sloterdijk Station or in the Duivendrecht Station area and then hop on the metro or tram. Will take around 10 min for both stations to A’dam Central. Don’t forget to check out Rotterdam too while visiting The Netherlands, interesting place with upcoming urban hotspots.

    Matsimo 25/05/14    Link Report

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