Getting from Bordeaux to Morocco

At the end of July i’m off to Bordeaux for a day or two and don’t fancy coming back to England for a week or two. Having done a small amount of research I know you can get the ferry to Tangier from Algeciras for around 30 Euros. However i’m struggling to find a budget way of getting down to Algeciras. Any ideas? I’m also open to ideas as to cheap ways of getting back to England from Morocco. As the flights i’ve seen on skyscanner range around the £160 mark.

Alternate plans are welcome (I’m more than aware my plans are overly ambitious!) just trying to delay heading back to England!

Adam Bennett 01/07/13    Activity and adventureFranceMoroccoSpain Link Report

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Well a very quick scan of Easyjet managed to get a flight at the end of July/beginning of August down to £100 flying back into London from Marrakesh, my best advice on that score would be to use the skyscanner only as a rough idea. Look at all the budget and main airlines websites and see what their prices are (skyscanner does not include all of them), also change your departure and arrival cities as prices can vary wildly if you fly from Fez or Casablanca rather than Marrakesh for example, as well as flying into London as opposed to say, Manchester.

Another idea may be to see about getting the ferry or a cheap flight to Spain, and then getting a further cheap budget flight from Spain to England from there. It may or may not save you much if anything, but every little helps, right?

As for Bordeaux to Algeciras I know there is a train and a coach route between those two, but I have never taken either option (I flew out of Bordeaux when I was there years back) so I’m afraid my knowledge stops there. Sorry I can’t be any more help.

Michael Huxley 01/07/13    Link Report

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