Flying from the uk to peru- single or return?

Hello, im heading from the uk to peru in august but unsure of what kind of ticket i need. My plan is to fly to lima, then travel around peru, on to chile, argentina then uruguay. I dont want to buy a return ticket to peru and back as i will not be returning from there and unsure of time frames i will be leaving each country. I read i will not be able to enter peru without proof of a valid ticket to say i will be leaving. Any ideas? Sorry for any spelling errors using my phone and some of the screen is missing. Thanks in advance. Lauren

laurenharttravelfun 06/04/14    Getting thereArgentinaChilePeruSouth AmericaUruguay Link Report

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Hi Lauren,

you probably already know, but July / August is a peak time for flying, so getting a cheap deal is going to be tricky. By late September prices will have come down a bit.

US citizens have to show a return ticket if flying into Peru, but I don’t think this true of UK citizens (best thing to do would be check with the Peruvian embassy).

There are air passes available for internal flights in South America, but if you don’t want to book in advance, then it sounds like you’ll be getting around by bus (don’t underestimate the distances!).

The Rough Guide to South America on a Budget was published at the end of last year and you can buy the ebook version in the shop on this site. Enjoy every minute :-)

Rachel Mills 08/04/14    Link Report

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  • Hi Lauren, I would echo @RachelMills suggestion and recommend that you call up the Peruvian Consulate in London ( to get a concrete answer. They have been consistently helpful with various visa enquiries and would likely be able to help.

    Sounds like you are planning a great trip. Have fun, and let us know what you find out!

    Rebecca Behan 08/04/14    Link Report

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