Florida, to Athens, Greece, Italy, and London

I live near Jacksonville Fl. Flying out of Jacksonville, or the Orlando area are reasonable options. I have a free place to stay in Athens, Greece and London. I also have places to stay for free in Arezzo, Italy, and near Sicily. At all of these places I will be able to get free food, adivce, rides. I am 22 year old male, I do not care about material things. I will have around $2000 for plane ticket and surviving give or take if I leave soon . Which is the first week of May. I will be backpacking, getting transportation anyway I can, sleeping, and eating however. I want to return to Florida no later than June 9th, for I have a ticket to a large music festival in Tennessee. I am wondering what the best way of transportation would be once I get to Greece. Ferry or train? or Hitchiking and what not? How much do ferrys and trains cost???? I feel like the God/Universe will take care of me. I just want to also get a reasonable idea of what I will be looking at.

My other option would be to leave after June 16th. I will have more money, better planning and cheaper rates. I have talked to a very experienced traveler a few times, who has traveled all over the world for 20 yrs. He wrote a book, “The Worlds Richest Busboy”. It is about his travels. He made it around on not a lot of money, and awesome helpful people. However, alot of his traveling was in the Carribean and other major surf destinations all over the world. If anyone has advice Please share!! thank you–one love

tbroxton 18/04/13    Budget travelGreeceItalyUnited Kingdom Link Report

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Hi, I have recently written a post about the 10 cheapest ways to travel in Germany, but there are a few links in my post that might help you also in Greece… such as the hitchhike wiki and the free accommodation section in cycling. Check it out, hope it will help:)

Helen in India 24/04/13    Link Report

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