Family holiday in Europe during summer break?

I am looking for a holiday destination in Europe for parents and three kids aged 11 to 20.
We want somewhere not too expensive or too hot that we can all enjoy. Some beach activities/sports, places to eat and some good sights to see. We are limited to the school summer holidays which makes it more challenging. Any suggestions welcome…

Andy 10/01/14    Where to goEuropeFranceGreeceItalyPortugalSpain Link Report

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Well the summer holidays will certainly ramp up the price and make booking ahead more sensible, but it’s not a plan killer.

With your criteria though you can pretty much throw a dart in a map of Europe as most countries would fit them!

The big tourist draws such as France, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain are obvious choices here. All are not too hot, all have activities/sights to see and beaches and are set up for the summer holiday season. Have a look here at these destination guides to each country to get a bit of inspiration.

Or if you want somewhere a little more out of the box have you thought about Eastern Europe? Slovakia for example is absolutely stunning, and is very cheap compared to a lot of Western Europe.

Happy to help with further questions once you have narrowed it down a little.

Michael Huxley 11/01/14    Link Report

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  • Hey there – one of our Twitter followers has suggested this:

    “Austria. Hapsburg Palace gardens are in bloom, and Austria has some of the cleanest lakes in #Europe! #ttot”

    Lottie Gross 16/01/14    Link Report

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  • hallo Andy

    i m living in Paros Island of Greece and as far of your preferences you can find all you need here, from quite sundy beaches to ‘family fun at the beach’ with water sports and beach-bars to enjoy all day long at more than one locations on the island! a big variaty of accommodation will give you the chance to get what you want and enjoy the greek hospitality! you can visit also historical ruins, templs from the ancient era, castles from the pirates age and many more.

    hope you have memorable holidays!
    Christos K.

    Christos Kalos 20/01/14    Link Report

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    Hi there, thanks for your advice.

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    Lottie Gross 21/01/14    Link Report

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  • Thanks for your suggestions. After some searching with the whole family we have decided on Spain, the Costa Brava. It’s a little more expensive and hotter than we would ideally like but the beaches look great. There’s a water park and other water sports close by and we can get a train to Barcelona. It’s booked and were looking forward to a holiday in the sun.
    Thanks again,

    Andy 29/01/14    Link Report

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