European beach break in May

My sister is looking for some good recommendations for a short European break in May. She wants sun, sea, good food and not hoards of tourists! (Isn’t that what we all dream of for Europe?!) Thinking luxury here…

Any hidden gems you could recommend?



Sadie Smith 30/01/13    Where to goEurope Link Report

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Thank you so much, everyone, some really great recommendations there. Quite fancy Sardinia myself, I hear the food is amazing.

Hmmm. Sun.


Sadie Smith 31/01/13    Link Report

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  • Hi Sadie – how about Malaga? As I mention in my reply to Matthew’s ‘European city breaks’ question, the town itself is seldom overrun with visitors, the food is fresh and delicious, the cocktail/wine/tapas bars are plentiful, and the beach & landscaped paseos are close to hand.

    The Maddalena islands are enchanting, but an easy flight would be to Cagliari which you might discount as no more than a working port town. However, it has lots to recommend it, from dining on excellent seafood and Sardinian specialities, atmospheric bars (some up on the ramparts), many serving aperitivi. Poetto beach is a short bus ride east of the centre, but is well worth visiting – a five-mile-long arc of sparkling sand, dotted with bars, restaurants and amenities. There are prehistoric & Roman sites to visit nearby if so inclined!

    Ed Wright 31/01/13    Link Report

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  • Hi Sadie,

    Croatia in May would be lovely – the weather should be nice and warm and it’s not quite peak season for visitors.

    I’d recommend one of the islands if your sister would really like to get away from it all – Hvar (and particularly Hvar Town) is very luxurious and full of good food and nightlife options (priced accordingly!). Vis also has plenty of high-end seafood restaurants and remote, exquisite beaches, and can be easily explored by scooter or hire car; the ferries are more infrequent, however.

    I haven’t stayed here, but this boutique hotel in Korčula is also supposed to be rather special:

    One note of caution – the beaches are beautiful, but rocky rather than sandy!

    Alison Roberts 31/01/13    Link Report

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  • Sardinia’s Maddalena Islands? They form part of a national park and the main isle, La Maddalena, has beautiful quiet cove beaches (some sandy, some rocky).

    An alternative island escape would be to the stunning Aeolian Islands, off the coast of Sicily. The larger islands, like Lipari, do get busy in the peak season but should be just right in terms of both crowds and temperature in May. And car-free Panarea would certainly tick the luxury box.

    Monica Woods 31/01/13    Link Report

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