Europe for 3 months

I plan to leave in May 2015 for my three month journey in Europe. I am looking into luggage and backpacks and gear. Where is a good place to get good dependable gear at a reasonable price? Also, I would love to hear about anywhere you think I should go/see/do while im in Europe!

Thank you so much!

athena1994 28/08/14    Gear & equipmentEurope Link Report

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Hi Athena – how exciting! If you’re based in the UK, Cotswold Outdoor, Blacks and Field & Trek are all great places to find good gear. I tend to check it out in person, then see if I can find the same stuff cheaper online though (Amazon is a goldmine for cheap, top quality kit, but it’s good to see it in person before you spend money on it).

And here’s a little tip for your trip – I fell in love with Slovenia in April so would highly recommend you visit! Here’s an article I wrote on things you can do in Slovenia in spring (but they’re also pretty fun in winter/autumn/summer):

Lottie Gross 28/08/14    Link Report

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