Europe and asia in 2 months?

I’m looking to travel through Europe and Asia for 2 months and end up back home in Australia. Would $20k-$25k be enough to do this including spending money?

Randy 29/04/13    Budget travelCambodiaDenmarkEgyptEnglandFinlandIcelandItalyJapanLaosNorwayRussiaSpainSwedenThailand Link Report

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Budget, more than enough! Time? Youve got to be joking! Im sure you meant to say 12 months. right?

Michael Huxley 29/04/13    Link Report

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  • I agree with Michael!!!! With this kind of plan for a holiday you will need a holiday to recover. Pick either or. You can spend 2 months in SE Asia and just scratch the surface, but it will cost you only about half of your budget. If you stay at 5 star resorts and eat western food you can spend a whole lot more. Thailand-3 weeks, Vietnam-3 weeks, Cambodia-2 weeks and leave the rest for another time. I live in SE Asia and take it from me that you will have a great time if you don’t bite off more than you can chew. The last thing you want it to wake up in the morning and ask what country you are in, or for that matter what continent? Europe will be there for another time and if you spend only half your budget you will have money to take a trip to Europe. Travel is to be enjoyed, but trying to cover to much is like a job, not a holiday.

    Time of my life 05/05/13    Link Report

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  • You have fourteen countries listed under category, and you will definitely not be able to see fourteen countries in two months. Thailand, Cambodia and Laos allow a minimum of five weeks, six would be better – that’s already more than a month.

    For the amount of money you have and the number of countries, you’d be better off doing those escorted tours that whizz around on buses seeing as many countries as possible and as much as possible in the shortest time possible and fly everywhere else. Friends did an escorted tour to NZ – 15 days cost $$. I did it independently over six weeks and it cost around the same. Plus I saw more than they.

    My last trip was six weeks – three in Viet Nam, three in China and I still could have have had more time in both countries.

    In Laos, things move slowly. Buses never run on time, buses never arrive on time, but it doesn’t matter because life there moves at a slow pace. Nobody rushes around, you eventually get to where you want to go. When waiting for the bus in Vang Vieng, the bus arrived on time – forty-five minutes late as usual. So many young people were complaining about having to wait. The bus was down the end of the street,. the drivers were talking to each other, nothing was moving except the sweat on our faces, but you sit, you wait, you talk, you enjoy. And when I got back to Thailand the first thing I noticed was the noise. I couldn’t believe how noisy it was, or how fast.

    Captain Courageous 18/05/13    Link Report

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  • If you travel to Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia and share room with 1 of your travel mate and tour together by yourself, also joined group tour the expenditure for your budget travel is around $ 50/day icl hotel, meal, transportation and tour, excl airticket.
    Happy travel

    vietindotravel 04/06/13    Link Report

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  • It is not possible to discover Europe and Aisa in two months, Asia is the largest continent in the world and Europe is large too. These two continent have many beautiful countries and numerous places to see. Certainly its not possible to explore all of them, if you do it in two months you will miss a lot of.

    Alex Carter 05/06/13    Link Report

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