entering India from Bhutan independently?

After my Bhutan tour I want to enter Assam/India on my own, i.e. leave my group and go or be taken to the border.
How might this be possible?

jcbierley1 17/07/14    Bhutan Link Report

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In Bhutan, there is no independent tours are allowed. From the time you enter Bhutan, your travel agent is suppose to be your host and take care of your needs. You could let your travel agent know of your plans and they will make the necessary arrangement for you. The travel agents are so obliging that they will go out of their way to make your trip as smooth as possible.

Bhutan shares a open border with India, so its very easy to cross over to Assam. As a tourist, its imperative to get your travel documents stamped at the respective immigration office.

Aathama adam 10/02/15    Link Report

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