Enough time to visit Dubai from Sharjah airport on a 9 hour layover?

Hi people,

I’ll be flying from Istanbul to Kathmandu with Air Arabia on tuesday the 22nd October.
I have 2 options, the first one will only give me a 70 mins layover at Sharjah airport (UAE).
But i can choose a second flight, arriving at 06:10 at Sharjah and departing that same airport at 15:00.
Do i have enough time to visit Dubai from the airport?
Is it easy to get there and back again tothe airport?
Is it expensive to do as a very short city trip? (but maybe worth it?)

I’ve seen the airport is situated 30km from Dubai centre and normally should take about 30 mins but that transport times can increase exponentially during peak traffic hours.
Of course, i don’t want to risk missing my flight :)

Thanks on any advice!

sunchaser 27/08/13    City tipsUnited Arab Emirates Link Report

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antara 04/07/14    Link Report

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  • Hi Joseph, we happen to have a post that would hopefully answer your question in full http://www.dubaiholidays.co/blog/a-guide-to-dubai-airport/

    mania 19/02/15    Link Report

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  • Hi Jospeh and anyone else who may be interested for future reference, my company, Blacklane is a professional driver service offering one way transfers as well as hourly hire. For this situation I would recommend hourly hire, where your driver will pick you up from Sharjah Airport and take you to Dubai and wait on standby until you are ready to be taken back to the airport. They will ensure you arrive at your flight on time. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.


    blacklane 22/07/15    Link Report

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