Ecuador's Devil's Nose Train: Running?

My friend and I are traveling to Ecuador in June 2013. The Devil’s Nose train sounds like fun, but we cannot figure out if it is running now or not. There is much conflicting information about this in books and online. We would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows the answer to this.

elhender 20/05/13    Activity and adventureEcuador Link Report

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Hi there,

At the moment only some of the train line is open; you can do a 2hr 30min round trip from Alausí to Sibambe ($25, book at one of the stations or in advance at, which runs 3 times a day Tues–Sun, and descends down the Devil’s Nose itself. However, starting in June (so hopefully in time for your trip!) the entire line is supposed to be opening and will run from Quito down to Guayaquil on the coast, the full journey taking 4 days / 3 nights (though you’ll be abe to book shorter journeys too). The Tren Ecuador website has the latest information on which parts are open, and you can buy tickets and see schedules for the routes currently on offer:

Hope that helps,


Helen Abramson 22/05/13    Link Report

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