Easy way to get back a lost Camera? Tips for getting it returned...(Besides not loosing!)

I once allowed my friend to borrow my camera, and it must have fallen out of their pocket with out their knowledge was the explanation received the following evening. However, that day someone came up to her asking did you loose something? Thinking nothing of it, as it was not known that the camera was missing then, her answer was no and both went on their ways. Strange to me that someone would obviously look at the pictures find one of the people in the pictures and ask them a question like that; yet never turn in the camera to the resort.

So I ask you for tips on how to keep getting your photo equipment back or insured if lost or stolen? I’ve began to put a file with my name, email and lock it on the file that states who the owner is of the item they have. I also label the actual physical file with that info (in case the person just wants to steal my camera maybe I’ll get my pictures back). I’d rather not loose anything so tips on how not to be forgetful is the best advise! Do you put your name on your stuff??

otterBdiving 23/01/14    Gear & equipment Link Report

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I don’t tend to stick my name on my stuff, but a good camera trick someone told me was to make the first photo on there one of you holding up your contact details! You can change it depending on where you go, so your home address is there but also where you’re staying. Someone who’s not at all tech savvy may not think to check the memory card, but will probably check the photos themselves.

I also don’t tend to put cameras in my pockets – it’s asking for trouble… If it’s a big camera it’s either around my neck or in my bag, and I keep small cameras around my wrist or in my bag.

Rebecca Hallett 28/01/14    Link Report

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  • There’s a website for people who have found or lost cameras here: http://www.camerafound.com/

    You can upload photos from a camera you’ve found, or browse through photos to see if you recognise any of your own in order to get your lost device back.

    Lottie Gross 28/01/14    Link Report

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