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Hi there!!
I will be travelling to Chile in December and I would like to go to Easter Island and would like to know if 4 nights would be enough?

MIGUEL 02/02/14    General travel chatChile Link Report

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Hi! I went to Easter Island when studying in Chile in 2008 and I think we stayed either 3/4 nights – this is plenty. Gives you a couple of days to drive around the island, we did a guided tour one day, then hired a car for the second, a day or so chilling out on some gorgeous beaches, and a day to climb up to the volcano etc.

Alice Wood 05/02/14    Link Report

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  • I think 4 nights would be great – only downside is that it’s pretty expensive to get to and flights aren’t scheduled daily from all airports. I’d recommend booking flights once you’re in Chile (or a least via a Chilean travel agent) as you’ll save quite a bit.

    Start out at the Museo Antropológico Sebastián Englert (close to Hanga Roa) as it’s a great overall introduction to the island… I’d recommend taking a full-day guided tour of the main sites too (you can do this by horseback if you don’t want to be cooped up in a minivan).

    You’ve probably seen the website content about Easter Island:


    The latest Rough Guide to Chile can be bought as a hard copy, or downloaded in the online shop. Have a brilliant trip!

    Rachel Mills 06/02/14    Link Report

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    Alice and Rachel, thank you so much for your answers. Yes, 4 nights is what we have decided to spend there. I think longer than that would be too much and there are other beautiful places to visit in Chile. Best regards.

    MIGUEL 06/02/14    Link Report

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