Does your holiday choice reflect how interesting you are?

According to a survey by, 53 per cent of people think that their holiday choices reflect on how interesting we are. It showed that people are willing to lie about their holidays so others won’t judge.

The holidays most are likely to keep schtum about are 18-30s holidays (22 per cent), coach holidays (13 per cent), cruises (12 per cent), holiday parks (11 per cent) and single traveller holidays (nine per cent).

It seems wrong to me that someone should feel ashamed, embarrassed or feel that they have to hide the fact that they’ve been on – or enjoyed – any of the above! A holiday is for relaxing and enjoyment and if you can get that on a cruise, or at a holiday park, then why not?!

What do you think? Are you guilty of hiding your holiday haunts? Do you feel pressure to make your holidays as interesting as possible?

Lottie Gross 30/09/13    General travel chat Link Report

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I absolutely agree in principle Lottie, and I can’t understand any reasoning behind lying about your holidays/travels.

Saying that, I have to admit my eyes glaze over if anyone starts raving about their Thomas Cook all inclusive benidorm/shagaluf week in the sun! Haha!

Michael Huxley 30/09/13    Link Report

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  • I don’t think I “judge” anyone based on their holiday, I’m generally excited they travelled at all! It’s not everyone’s idea of a good time to trek through a desert or go rafting in Bali or get lost in Turkey. Then again, sitting on a boat for ten days surrounded by hundreds of strangers doesn’t seem that restful to me! That’s why there are so many different types of holidays. Because different people enjoy different things and I don’t think any one is “better” than another. And I try not to judge anyone based on one holiday because who knows what else they’ve done. I’ve frequently worked hard for a week in international medical clinics and then followed it up with a few days layover in a European city doing nothing! Just chilling out and drinking coffee and reading books. That wasn’t very “exciting” but I had had my fill of excitement on those trips already.

    Hopefully we don’t judge people based on their idea of vacation just because it’s different than ours. At least people are getting out there and having new experiences and seeing the world. That’s what matters anyway, right?

    Laura Pucik 02/10/13    Link Report

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  • Why lie on what you enjoy doing the most – especially on your holiday vacation. Don’t worry yourself over people judging you or what you do on your holiday vacation – as long as you enjoyed it and as long as you did not do anything wrong to them, just set those negative comments aside and treasure the memory you had from your vacation! :)

    I had a lot of “boring” vacations and when me and my friends share vacation stories, they always say what a boring one I had and I always tell them – so what? I enjoyed it, that’s what matters!


    travelchick 05/10/13    Link Report

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  • Cruises are out for single people due to cost. My next vacation involves going back to school. Spanish in Nicaragua with a side of volunteering. I can’t do beaches so this is a change even if it fries my mind 4 hrs of Spanish every day. I like the community there and feel more like a resident than a tourist. When you live with a host family, you become sort of like a resident. It is a much better feeling than being a tourist

    Ian 12/10/13    Link Report

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