Does a weekend away give you just as much holiday satisfaction as a two month trek?

This video states that the length of your trip doesn’t matter, and that a weekend away will give you just as much holiday satisfaction as a two month trek…

What do you think?

Katy de Beer 09/09/13    Activity and adventure Link Report

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Cool video!

Initially I’m inclined to disagree, but actually I think it might be right. I don’t think it matters to me the length of a trip, just getting away from my usual surroundings is enough to refresh my mind. In fact, I think perhaps the longer the trip the more depressing it is to return home at the end, so maybe shorter, more frequent trips are better? Hmm…

Although, having said that, for me the longer my trip the better – but that’s just because I know I can see and do more with more time, not because I think I’d be less satisfied by a shorter amount of time.

What’s your opinion Katy?

Lottie Gross 09/09/13    Link Report

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  • Its definitely a tough one!

    My initial thought was the same, the longer the trip the better!

    But then again, you can’t beat a spontaneous weekend city break. Plus, its more likely you’ll be able to find the time and money for a quick trip, rather than having to wait for the right time to up and leave for a lengthy adventure.

    Either way i’ll always come home wanting more!

    Katy de Beer 09/09/13    Link Report

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  • This is certainly an interesting debate, but I personally think they provide too different an experience and fill completely different needs to compare them, to be honest.

    In very general terms (and I can only ever be very general because we will each get individual and unique things out of our own trips), short breaks provide a little respite from the stresses and work of everyday life, and give us little snapshots of culture or whatever else we may enjoy doing (art, architecture, adventure activities etc).

    Whilst long term trips offer much deeper and more fulfilling means of cultural immersion, exploration and personal growth that short breaks simply can’t touch on anything other than a superficial level. Long term trips also allow you to go further (you aren’t going to take two 10 hour flights for a 2 night weekend break!) and give you the time and the freedom to travel more slowly, to appreciate your surroundings and the culture you are in, to take your time and stop to smell the roses once in a while, or at least the spices in the market, depending where you are!

    So if by ‘holiday satisfaction’ you simply mean a quick battery recharge and a bit of fun, then yes absolutely, but if by ‘holiday satisfaction’ you mean a much richer, deeper experience, then no it absolutely does not provide the same experience. Not in my opinion anyway.

    Both have their place, and both are as good as each other for different reasons, (I love taking short breaks in between my longer trips) I just don’t think you can compare them like that.

    It is nice to have a snack or eat at a buffet every now and then, but you can never beat or compare them to a hearty, filling, home cooked three course meal!

    Michael Huxley 09/09/13    Link Report

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