Do you suffer from reverse culture shock?

Reverse culture shock can hit a lot harder than people expect when they return home from a long backpacking trip or gap year, and the potentially serious effects on your mental health and wellbeing can often be seriously underestimated.

Have you ever had trouble readjusting to your old life when you return from a long trip? What are your strategies for coping?

Michael Huxley 02/02/14    Travel health and safety Link Report

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Having been a student for most of my life (until now), I’ve never really had a routine so have never had anything to necessarily ‘settle into’. What I do find though, is that instead of struggling to get used to being at home again, I tend to appreciate it more when I return from a long trip. I’m generally sad to end a long trip, but happy to return home when I get back to my favourite foods, my comfy mattress and a hot shower.

However – I would say I find it difficult to relate to people at home for a while after travelling for a while. It’s almost hard to accept that while I’ve been away and seen some extraordinary things, nothing has changed at home and people are still going about their daily business without considering what’s going on in other parts of the world. It frustrates me but – at risk of speaking in clichés – I know I have to embrace being home as much as I embrace travelling so it’s just a case of getting on with things, like everyone else, but not forgetting the experiences I’ve just returned from.

Lottie Gross 05/02/14    Link Report

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