Do you know 4 sunny snorkel sites (for December)?


I will travel 4 weeks in Malaysia (only Peninsula) starting on 29 November. I would like to practice snorkel (not scuba dive).

Do you know 4 snorkel sites (sunny in December)?
The weather on east side, is it really bad in December?
Is there a directory website of hostel in Malaysia?

Thanks and regards.

samz 19/11/13    Activity and adventureMalaysia Link Report

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Well, first things first. For hostels I go to or and I always google “award winning hostel in _____” for lists of which ones travelers say are the best of the best.

I hate to break it to you, but you’ll be there during monsoon season which means many of the beaches and resorts on the Eastern Coast (those widely revered as “the best”) will likely be closed down or hard to get to due to rains. But do your research. Some places may stay open, you might have a good day or two in the midst of bad weather, and you might avoid crowds…

Western coast seems to be your best option, however more crowded. I generally hear Pulau Pangkor and Langkawi thrown around as decent spots. Just research, research, research and you could find a gem.

Good luck! Hope you enjoy your holiday.

Laura Pucik 20/11/13    Link Report

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