Clothing for a 3 week summer trip across canada

I have no problem travelling light, however I am trying to persuade my wife to think minilist.

What tips do the ladies of this forum have on levels of clothing to take. We are travelling by car with hotel stop offs.

Seems to me three of most things which are easy to wash/dry.

Any help out there?


Bob Andrews 07/08/13    Gear & equipmentNorth America Link Report

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Hi Bob,

I’ve never travelled in Canada but have been on a couple of pretty long trips in other parts of the world. I like to pack pretty light, so I generally make sure I have two of everything (trousers, tshirts, shorts, jumpers) and always take a tube of washing gel (it’s basically washing powder but in gel form) which I can use to wash stuff in the sink or shower of places I stay!

If you’re taking a car your wife could probably get away with taking a few more clothes than I normally do as you won’t have to lug it on and off of buses or cram it into a tiny backpack! I’d say 3 of each is a good place to start :)

Thin clothing is always good as it dries quickly, and to keep warm you take jumpers (and scarves double up as blankets when it’s extra chilly).

Hope this helps – have a great trip!

Lottie Gross 13/08/13    Link Report

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  • What I can suggest is Turkish Peshtemal Towels which are extremely helpful when you are on the go! They are proper towels for drying except that they are extremely lightweight. They are 100% natural fibres, not man-made micro fibre. They roll up nicely so you can fit your towel in any corner of the luggage. They can be used a sarong/shawl/blanket. Very handy, recommended..Bon Journey!

    Ilgen Paydas 11/03/14    Link Report

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    I am a chronic over packer so share your wife’s tendency to throw lots of ‘just in case’ things into my bag. Repeated lengthy road trips have done a lot to cure me of the habit as you end up spending so much time packing and unpacking it starts to feel like a real chore. My list has now shrunk to; 1 pair jeans, 1 pair other casual trousers, 1 pair shorts, 1 skirt, 1 swimsuit cover up that can double as casual dress, 2 long sleeved t shirts, 2 short sleeved t shirts, 1 smart top, 1 grey sweater, 1 black cardigan & one large wrap. I have found this pretty much covers all eventualities, unless you are doing a lot of heavy duty hiking in which case you may need more hiking gear.
    I tend to leave things like hiking boots / socks / waterproofs etc in the car to avoid carrying them in and out of hotels.
    The washing gel stuff mentioned by Lottie is really handy as are the detergent gel tabs which go in the washing machine. Lots of motels have a coin operated laundry where you can stick a load through.

    It is also worth shrinking down toiletries and cosmetics to the essentials as these get really heavy to lug around. If she wants to carry shampoo / conditioner / body lotion it is often easier to stick these in a separate carrier bag in the car so you can pull them out easily rather than digging around in the bottom of a suitcase.

    Hope you have a brilliant time – sounds like a great trip!

    inspireourtrip 11/03/14    Link Report

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  • Hi Bob
    Packing light is a really liberating thing to do and here’s my advice.

    2 Merino wool t-shirts
    1 long sleeve merino wool top, with pockets. Merino wool does not smell even after wearing for several days and it’s soft and itch free.
    Merino wool black leggings – Can be worn as night wear, under shorts or under a tunic/dress
    A light weight dress
    1 pair of dark coloured shorts with pockets
    3 pairs of underwear
    2 pairs of socks
    1 bra (can be rinsed at night and dry by morning)
    Cashmere scarf
    Pair of light shoes e.g keens, crocs or flip flops so you can rest feet when wearing hiking boots all day
    As already said, some product to wash clothes

    Hope this helps. Have a wonderful trip.

    Farawayvisions 11/03/14    Link Report

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    sophiabelt 24/03/15    Link Report

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