Ciudad perdida....

Hey there !!!!
I want to do the trek to ciudad perdida in June… Anyone has advice for the trip??? How was it??

Mricben 06/02/13    Activity and adventureColombia Link Report

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Our Rough Guide writer has just hiked this trail! Anna is updating the Colombia chapter of our Rough Guide to South America on a Budget and absolutely loved this magical trek to the “Lost City” of the Tayronas. The hike can be done all year; the driest period is between late December and March, while during the wet months from May to November the trail can get very muddy. It’s a reasonably challenging trek lasting 4–5 days (we recommend taking 5 days), and you need to be fairly physically fit.

You can only do the hike as part of an organized group and tours can be arranged either in Santa Marta or Taganga. We recommend Magic Tour (C 14 No. 1B-50, Taganga; t5/421-9429, The official price is set at COP$650,000 (around US$365) and includes all meals, accommodation along the trail, the entrance fee to the ruins and transport to and from the trailhead. Guides generally don’t speak English and groups consist of 4–12 hikers.

Hope that helps. Let us know how you get on!

Rachel Mills 11/02/13    Link Report

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  • I will go in Colobia soon, Do you know who organize that tour?

    amyrian 15/02/13    Link Report

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  • Hi amyrian… do you mean a company that organizes tours of the country? If so, let me know where you are (UK? USA?) and I can make some recommendations. If you want to know about tours of Ciudad Perdida, then the company details are above (you can organize it once you are there).

    Rachel Mills 19/02/13    Link Report

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