Church service at St. Paul's - London

I’ve always wanted to go to a church service at one of those enormous, old churches while on vacation. I’ve never had time to go until now. While it wasn’t as well known as La Segrada Familia or Notre Dame, I was very impressed by the service. It was definitely geared towards visitors and even though I’m not Catholic I never felt out of place. They even had a note in the pamphlet that they are open to people of all faiths and people of little or no faith. The sermon was on Separation and dealing with being away from home and loved ones (perfect for tourists). I was just wondering if most famous churches that get lots of visitors are just that open and step-by-step with everything they do or if I found an exception. It seems like it’d be difficult to find “community” in a church that was mainly visitors but it’s also a good opportunity to experience new things and see a local’s way of life while on vacation.

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Heather Brooks 19/05/14    CultureEngland Link Report

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Great blog Heather! Enjoy your time in London :)

Lottie Gross 20/05/14    Link Report

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  • Heather, I’ve found that nearly all churches welcome visitors. I’m not a regular church goer at home, but feel that it gives me a sense of calm, connectedness and peace to attend services or just sit and meditate when traveling. I’ve met some very interesting people at churches world wide, including a Cardinal whom I met when enjoying the gardenlike churchyard he was attending whilst wearing muddy Wellies and work clothes.

    grnurse 04/12/14    Link Report

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