China Visa Application Questions

Hey all,

Myself and my girlfriend are planning to go to China at the end of May for 4 weeks. I just have a few questions about the visa application.

Can I just show up at the the Chinese Embassy in London and apply there rather than going through an application center?

The visa is valid from the date it’s issued for 90 days (L tourism visa) for one entry in which you can use 30 days in one entry after you enter the country just as long as exit is before the enter before date. Is this correct?

I need to produce an airline round trip ticket and hotel reservations. So do I need to produce reservations for everywhere we intend to stay or just the first couple as I don’t like to plan everything I do before I go? I usually like to go and stay by word of mouth while I am out there.

Question 2.8 Information of Inviter in China. Do I just leave this blank as we will solely backpacking?

I am an Irish national living in London so will I need to provide some proof of my legal residency in the UK with my application?

My girlfriend will be applying for her visa whilst she is travelling so does she need to photocopy the page of her passport with the entry stamp to the country she is applying in thus showing that she’s legally in the country?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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