Cheap place to stay in London, England for 2 nights in late May, 2014.


My wife and I will be spending two nights in London, England in late May, 2014. We will be arriving at approximately 3PM at Heathrow Airport. Due to the amount of luggage we will have, we are planning to take the Heathrow Shuttle into London (however, in our circumstances described in this posting, is there a better and cheaper way into London?). Does anyone a cheap but nice hotel in London, England where we could stay? We are on a very tight budget so any nice accommodation above a hostel level is OK with us (after all we are only staying two nights). A nice old, cheap hotel with friendly staff and character would be very nice indeed. A very small room, but with a very comfortable bed would be ideal for us. Our only caveat is that the accommodation should have an elevator or at least as few steps to our room as possible. We are not too young anymore so walking up lots of steps is very tiring for us.

By the way, I really don’t know how the Heathrow Shuttle works. It was just recommended to us by someone on the Internet. Does it stop at any hotel on request or only at select hotels? This is important because taking (or not taking) the Heathrow Shuttle may determine where we stay in London.

I hope that these questions aren’t too general. However this will be our first trip to London so these are very uncharted waters for us.

Any information given is greatly appreciated.

Kawkab 12/12/13    AccommodationEngland Link Report

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I’ve not used the shuttle before as I usually jump on the tube from the airport, but with lots of luggage I can see why a lift would be better! At 3pm you should avoid rush hour too, so that’s good… Downside to a shuttle service is that they stop at everyone else’s hotels too. You pick a hotel from their list (even if you aren’t staying there) and they drop you there – might be a good place to start your hotel research?

For a decent hotel room, you shouldn’t expect much change out of £100 a night, and even the most basic B&Bs struggle to bring their tariffs down to £90 for a double with shared facilities. Chain hotels are a good option on a budget – but as you’re looking for character, I’d avoid!!

If you’re coming into Heathrow, I’d advise keeping to West London (which is where a lot of the tourist hotels are anyway). Paddington is popular for decently priced places to stay – in that area we recommend Caring Hotel and St David’s Hotels in our new Rough Guide to London (hitting the shelves in February 2014). Both of these are on the list with Heathrow Shuttle and sound like what you’re after. You’ve also then got the option of the Heathrow Express, a frequent fuss free train that takes you directly to Paddington Station (where there are black cabs waiting outside).

Have a brilliant trip!

Rachel Mills 12/12/13    Link Report

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  • Hello,
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    Benjamin-Craig 18/03/14    Link Report

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