Cambodia or Madagascar

I am planning traveling to one of these countries in July and would like to get some feedback from people that have been to either one.

Need some tips and advise

Robert 27/01/14    Where to goCambodiaMadagascar Link Report

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Hi Robert,

I visited Madagascar just over a year ago and would heartily recommend it – particularly if you are someone outdoorsy and interested in wildlife/conservation. The best places I visited were Masoala National Park in the northeast of the island and Andasibe National Park, just a few hours outside of the capital Antananarivo – the primary rainforest (and its endemic lemurs/reptiles/birds) was breathtaking. The landscapes on this enormous island are hugely varied – from otherworldly spiny forests to avenues of hulking great baobabs, networks of jagged limestone pinacles (known as tsingys) and pristine beaches.

Do check the foreign office for the latest safety advice before you book as a new president was sworn in last week and it was reported at the weekend that there had been a grenade attack in central Antananarivo – I don’t want to be alarmist, but it’s best to be properly informed.

Wishing you happy holidays whichever destination you choose!

Alison Roberts 29/01/14    Link Report

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  • Either would make for a fantastic trip, but one thing worth considering is the weather. Cambodia would normally be about a month or so into its rainy season by July, and although the showers are usually restricted to the afternoons, it can make getting around the country that much harder. That said, it’ll be quieter. And cheaper.

    Madagascar in July is roughly the opposite: dry, but in its peak season. July is one of the coldest months as well, so the animals might not be so active. If you could push your dates back at all, then it might be worth waiting until September, when you’ll see the country at its best, with good weather, fewer visitors and more animals out and about.

    Keith Drew 29/01/14    Link Report

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  • We went to Madagasgar in August 2012, volunteering with a conservation program in the dry forests of the west. It was 100% amazing, we saw lots of wild-life every day, mostly birds and reptiles, but also lemurs and Fossa. We went with Earthwatch, but there are several ecological programs out there.

    drceit 21/02/14    Link Report

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