Bus times from Coca in Ecuador to Tena or Banos running on sundays please!

I am struggling to get a sunday timetable of buses and how to book them from Coca in Ecuador to either Tena or Banos . I have had a reply from the website suggested in the Rough guide, but the person’s English is so unclear the answer does not make any sense! I am travelling to there mid November, and would really like a response soon, as I don’t know whether to book the next accommodation in Tena or in Banos.

I also asked for taxi information and prices, but have not had reply to this question or the above question, from the Yasuni eco lodge we are staying at, 2 other hotels and the embassy in London – none of whom have responded.

Please can some one help!

Nina Long 28/10/13    Getting thereEcuador Link Report

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Hi Tina,

It sounds like you’ve got a really exciting trip planned! I was the editor for the latest edition of the Rough Guide to Ecuador (http://www.roughguides.com/shop/rough-guide-ecuador-gal%C3%A1pagos-islands/book/) and have just had a look there for you to see if I can find out any more info.

According to the guide, there are an average of 26 daily services from Coca to Tena, and 3 daily services from Coca to Banos. There are also roughly 19 services a day from Tena to Banos, so I’m sure that you could easily change buses there if you couldn’t find a through-service on a Sunday. I’m sorry I can’t answer more specifically about services on a Sunday. It might be worth checking with your preferred hotel in one of these destinations to see if they can provide specific info on timetables. This website is another good resource for bus times and companies: ecuadorschedules.com.

I remember our Ecuador author telling me that it is extremely hard to get hold of the jungle lodges by phone, let alone email, so this may be why Yasuni etc have been slow to respond. Perhaps it would be worth contacting a Quito- or Coca- based travel agency if you are having real difficulties, as they could probably book buses and accommodation on your behalf.

Happy planning and hope you have a great time.

Alison Roberts 30/10/13    Link Report

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  • Please note that EcuadorSchedules has a new name, LatinBus.com. (The old domain no longer works.)

    Allison, if you can correct this in your post, that would be great.


    Keith 24/09/15    Link Report

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