Budget Getaways from Marburg

What are quick budget getaways from Marburg? My sister will be in Marburg in August for a summer course and wants to travel around as much as possible. Due to her class/research schedule she will only have the weekends available.

Prema Dutta 19/06/13    Budget travelGermany Link Report

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One thing your sister should look into is the Sch̦nes-Wochenende ticket and other group discounts on Deutsche Bahn (bahn.de). They offer unlimited travel on all but the fastest trains for a group of people for one day Рthe main one is anywhere in Germany and there are also often state-wide (so Hesse) cheaper ones, so perfect for day-trips, and depending on your trip can be amazing value.

As for where to go, there’s plenty within Hesse, have a look here for ideas:


And after that, Cologne is a few hours away and is great fun for a weekend.

Hope that helps


Alice Park 19/06/13    Link Report

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