Brazilian culture in Lisbon/Portugal

A follow up to my previous thread, some friends and I are taking a trip to Lisbon later this month and I was just wondering if there were places, neighborhoods, bars, nightlife, street art, or galleries that are influenced by Brazilian culture in Portugal?

Thanks in advance!

chloew2 08/05/14    Culture Link Report

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Hi there,

I’ve got a handful of recommendations for you from our latest Portugal guide – in Lisbon, Comida de Santo is a Brazilian restaurant and there’s a (gay/lesbian) bar called Sétimo Céu, plus another bar/venue called Chafarica which is a good bet for Brazilian music.

Maybe ask at these places for further tips? Or our books/ebooks have loads more on the Brazilian influence – The Rough Guide to Portugal, published 2014; relevant ebooks and

Hope this helps,


Neil McQuillian 12/05/14    Link Report

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