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So finally we have our plans set for the much awaited FIFA world cup. I’l be traveling with a group of 5 other friends who are crazy about the sport. While, I will be attending the match for which we have tickets, il be also interested in the adventure getaways from the city. I know about the Chapada dos Veadeiros national park but would also want some other suggestions. Any advice would be handy for me :)

sunil kumar 28/03/14    Getting thereBrazil Link Report

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There’s loads of worthwhile trips especially if you’re interested in hiking, rafting and getting out in the wild. A good day-trip is Formosa and the Itiquira waterfall. It’s a couple of hours by bus to Formosa and you can get a taxi to the nearby Salto de Itiquira park with its swimholes and gorgeous 90m waterfall.

Pirenópolis is a historic market town not far from the city, which makes a great trip in itself, but also as a springboard to Parque Estadual da Serra dos Pirineus and the Reserva Ecológica Vargem Grande – loads of guides and agencies based in Pirenópolis specialise in adventure travel.

You’re going to love Chapada dos Veadeiros, if you get the chance to walk only one of the trails, choose the Salto do Rio Preto option – the park’s highlight.

Hope the football and the exploring go great!

Rachel Mills 28/03/14    Link Report

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