Using binoculars to view the Sistine Chapel

i will be in the Sistine Chapel end of March and have been told that possibly
using binoculars will give you a beeter veiw of ceiling
Anyone tried it????

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I’m answering but not tried, I will definitely be taking a pair when I eventually visit, and they should give the opportunity to see some of the smaller architectural details around the Vatican.

It is recommended but make them a small pair that can be worn around your neck. All Vatican Museums have very strict rules and you’re asked to check a lot of things in before entering including all but the smallest of bags, oh and check the dress requirements too as they want you properly dressed.

When entering the Chapel no photography is allowed, so make sure it’s obvious you have binoculars, which should allow you to see some of the finer detail, if you’re lucky to see a vacant chair then grab it as you can then sit and scan around. The issue with the binoculars is that it’ll let you see the detail better but you wont’ experience the grander that the naked eye gives.

My one extra advice is expect to queue and there to be lots of people, some of which are selfish and don’t give you the space you deserve. It’s a very busy set of museums so take an extra amount of calm with you and be prepared. As long as you can overcome the crowds then you will have an amazing visit.

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  • Actualy the tour I go on is called Pristine Sistine and its a small
    group of 20
    It meets at 7.30 and enters the Vatican at 7.45 which is an hour
    and a bit before any other tour so you have Sistine Chapel
    virtually to yourself. No pushing & shoving
    You move to museum just as they start opening up for the
    mass invasion –not cheap in terms of what’s available but
    you can actualy see without elbows and arms in your face
    And it stipulates clothing that covers at least the shoulders
    & knees –also advises no responsibility on them if your
    denied entrance. Spelt out plain and simple and it also
    says no photos but small binoculars are accepted

    ianbaz 18/02/13    Link Report

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