Best time to go to Canada?

When is the best time of year to go to Canada to get a job? I dont care what kinda job I get (currently work in Administration) but my partner wants graphic/web design work.

Jennaymon 11/01/14    When to goCanada Link Report

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Admin and office jobs in Canada must surely work in the same way as the UK and US (i.e. there isn’t really a best time of year to start)? January seems a good time to start job hunting though (and it’s the start of the tax year over there).

You don’t say where you and your boyfriend live now, but if you want employment in Canada you’ll need to apply for a work permit. All the information about this can be found here:

If you’re under 30 and hold a British passport then you can apply for a Working Holiday Visa which means you can take on temporary work to fund a year in the country:

On the same site you can download a really detailed brochure with all the information you’ll ever want about job hunting once you’re there… Good luck!

Rachel Mills 16/01/14    Link Report

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  • Where do you want to visit in Canada? Our winters can be very cold. I think summer and autumn are probably the best times to visit.Hiring is typically slow in the summer, except for tourism jobs. Hiring tends to pick up in September after everyone is back from their summer vacations.

    Nur 22/01/14    Link Report

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