Best place for a family to stay in Marrakesh?

Hi Keith,

Sarah E Smith ‏asked this on Twitter today:

Riad in Medina or larger complex outside Marakech? What’s best for my young family??

Can you help here?

Tim Chester 06/06/13    Travelling with childrenMorocco Link Report

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Hi, how long is Sarah and her family staying in Marrakesh for?

We stayed in several riads in the medina for 4 (3+1 at the end of the holiday) days and really enjoyed it but it was plenty!

Whilst the central city is amazing, you might get tired of the noise. Riads are a great place to relax and come back to after a day out in the streets and some also offer spa or pampering treatments.

For a young family, i would personally suggest staying in a complex (in La Palmeraie for example) where you may have pools and children activities, whilst still being close to the centre.

Anyone have similar/different opinions?

Olivier Grenier 06/06/13    Link Report

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  • For me, staying in a riad deep in the Medina is a quintessential part of the Morocco experience and it would be a shame to miss out on this aspect of your trip. On my last trip to Fez, we stayed in the heart of Fez el Bali with our 2-year-old and 4-year-old children, and they had a great time exploring our riad’s nooks and crannies. We had a ground-floor room, which probably helped. All the main sights were on our doorstep, and perhaps more importantly the riad’s central location meant it was also easy for us to quickly beat a retreat from the hubbub when required.

    That said, riads are not the most child-friendly of places ­– all sharp edges, steep steps and hard floors. Some are distinctly child-unfriendly, with low-walled terraces and unfenced drops. If you do opt for one, make sure you check its suitably with the owner first.

    By their very nature, they also tend to be quite intimate places, too, so you may prefer the more spacious accommodations of a larger complex, where you can get away from your fellow guests – and they can get away from you. They will also probably offer more in the way of facilities, such as a playground, children’s pool and babysitting service, plus satellite TV (usually absent from the more traditional riads).

    Wherever you stay, though, you will undoubtedly gain first-hand experience of Moroccans general affection for children. And don’t be surprised if you find people approaching you to hug them, squeeze their cheeks or even try to kiss them – which can be a bit unnerving at first if you’re not expecting it!



    Keith Drew 06/06/13    Link Report

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  • There is a fabulous riad called 02 right in the heart of it all. Very helpful happy to add beds to room , very kind and family orientated with drivers employed to offer you no hassle days out. Great chef, and wonderful terrace. Check it out. Our experience of Marrakesh with kids was amazing. Everybody very helpful. Enjoy!

    livkettles 23/07/13    Link Report

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