Best option when travelling from Columbo to Tangalle

Hi – I arrive at the airport in Columbo and want to get to Tangalle where I am meeting my son who is travelling. Does anyone know the easiest and quickest way to get there?

travelator 23/04/14    Getting there Link Report

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Hi there
The easiest thing would be take a taxi from the airport to the Bastian Mawatha bus station in Colombo, which should cost around $20–25 (you can prebook at the counter on arrival) and then pick up a bus to Tangalle from there. They theoretically go around every half hour and should take about four and a half hours.
You could choose to get a car (and driver) to take you all the way from the airport to Tangalle, though it’ll be much more expensive. If you do, it’s a lot cheaper to book in advance rather than using one of the airport taxis. Journey Lanka Tours ( are pretty reliable.
Have a good trip!

Edward Aves 23/04/14    Link Report

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