Best method to travel from Amman to Petra: hire car, guided car, bus, or taxi? or camel?

Hi all, quick question for anyone who has travelled this road before and can offer up some hardy suggestions.

I’m travelling to Amman for a week this September and I want to get down to see Petra. I’ll only have a couple of days there so I want to maximise my time, probably with a two-day entry pass. Can anyone suggest the best way to get down to Petra? I would root for a hire car, but Is that feasible? I mean, of course it’s feasible – there are roads and hire cars, so anyone could take one and drive it, but I’m wondering why all the “getting here” descriptions I’ve seen in the guide books only speak of buses, taxis and tour operators – hardly anyone talks about road directions (present company excluded Rough Guide, but it’s not exactly as if you went overboard on the love for driving this route) Does anyone have a ‘super hint’ that could turn my idea on its head, show me the Light, and save me any potential travel-gumption loss?

I’ve seen that some tour operators offer the whole shebang, Petra included with a night’s stay in Wadi Musa, but the idea of not being free to decide what I want reminds me of living with my parents and to be honest I would prefer to avoid the heavy tour guide payouts and elaborate hotels…especially considering that you never really quite know what you’re gunna get.

Cheers in advance to the experienced sharing traveller.

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